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Anchored by Berrett-Koehler’s seminal publications on organizational change and innovation, this collection provides the best information available on methods for helping organizations diagnose what changes are needed, as well as plan and implement new change initiatives. Check out the collection here.


Lead Curator and Editor and Chief Steve Cady is associate professor of management, director of the Institute for Organizational Effectiveness, and former director of the Master of Organizational Development Program, all at Bowling Green State University. He has served as the chief editor for the Organization Development Journal, is the coeditor of The Change Handbook, and is the founder of Nexus 4 Change, a global community of practitioners, scholars, students, and activists who have a passion for whole system collaborative change.

Curator Zachary Shoup is an internal consultant of organization development and talent at Ohio University and is currently a PhD candidate in Relating & Organizing. He is an author, practitioner, and editor focusing on organization development and change. Over the last ten years he has partnered with not-for-profit, public, and private organizations to help identify organizational assets and build internal capacity to change. He has contributed in the Organization Development Journal and Practicing Organization Development, fourth edition.



This collection builds and expands on Berrett-Koehler’s legacy of publishing cutting-edge leadership books, offering unique perspectives from BK and other content providers on topics such as collaborative leadership, new business models, strategic planning, team building, accountability, talent development, ethics, sustainability, and many others. Check out the collection here.


Curator Elaine Biech is President of ebb associates, a strategic implementation and leadership development consulting firm. She is the author or collection editor of over sixty books, including The ASTD Leadership Handbook. She has been in the field for thirty years, working with clients such as McDonald’s, Lands’ End, Sinopec, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Hershey Chocolate, the US Navy, NASA, and hundreds of others. The recipient of numerous awards, she currently serves on the Board of Governors for the Center for Creative Leadership.



Spanning the theoretical to the very practical, this collection provides insight on developing and honing the mindsets, strategies, and skills needed to operate effectively in today’s fast-paced global marketplace. It encompasses the multi-faceted dimensions of personal development and effectiveness, including time management, goal setting, coaching, networking, charting career paths, understanding and working with diverse personality styles, coping with stress, and much more.


Curator Maren Showkeir is an author, teacher, and consultant with expertise in change management and workforce development. She worked for more than 20 years as an editor and reporter at major newspaper markets and taught journalism in South American universities. In 2005, she joined the consultancy henning-showkeir & associates, inc., as a managing partner. With her late husband, Jamie, she co-authored Authentic Conversations and Yoga Wisdom at Work.



This pioneering collection focuses on economic fairness—how the economy impacts the well-being of communities and how economic outcomes are distributed. It contains extensive literature on how to define and measure fairness and moral frameworks for justice in the economic realm. The collection is explicitly international and includes a vast array of materials that represent diverse operational perspectives and diverse normative frameworks for justice. It is a definitive resource for scholars, professionals, policy-makers, and activists.


Lead Curator Michel Gelobter has worked in the field of economic and social justice his whole life. He wrote the first master’s and doctoral theses on environmental justice, pioneering econometric techniques as a tool for investigating disparate economic and environmental outcomes. His career has focused on bridging academic research and policy outcomes for social, economic and environmental justice. He was the founding director of Columbia University’s Program on Environmental Policy, the President of Redefining Progress, the U.S.’s leading sustainability policy institute, and a serial social entrepreneur.

Curator Lauren Gifford is dedicated to asking how social, economic, and public policies can be just, equitable, sustainable and effective. She advises governments, foundations and NGOs on global climate policy, finance, and environmental justice, and is working toward a PhD in Geography at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Previously she managed Dartmouth College’s climate justice initiative and was a newspaper reporter in New England.


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